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Joystick Show 59A
March 19, 2019 06:45 PM PDT
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Father (BogueSpear) and Son (Th1ng12) interact, react, and discuss the NEW changing world of gaming before our generationally different eyes!

Show Notes:
- STADIA ! Google is in daHOUSE
- Trivia Crack 2
- Apex Battle Royale
- Back 4 Blood
- Lucas Arts back in Gaming

Rift Rap: Final Assault launch day

Deal of the week : NBA 19 for $6

New Releases for week of March 24th

Joystick Show 58A
March 12, 2019 08:03 PM PDT
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BogueSpear and Th1ng12 try to debate the value of an eject button....well sort of! Thanks Xbox2020....

Show Notes:
- Slime Rancher game
- Dragon Dogma Show
- Cyber Punk 2077 again
- New Xbox in the future FEATURE
- PS4 firmware 6.05

Rift Rap: $15 cred...going going gone.

Deal of the week: COD WWII

New Releases for March 17-23

Joystick Show 57A
March 06, 2019 08:27 PM PST
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Corporal BogueSpear and Admiral Th1ng12 outrank each other in the world of video gaming.

Show Notes:
- Final Assault VR review
- Crack Down 3 discussion
- Rainbow Six Siege Year 4
- Super Mario Maker 2
- Battletech - WNRP Community

Rift Rap: Final Assault

Deal of the week: XBox 1 S cheap!

New Release for the week of 3.10.19

Joystick Show 56A
February 26, 2019 05:20 PM PST
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Father of GRAND and Son of Simplicity spar through the digital age highlighted in this podcast weekly...

Show Notes:
- Final Assault - A great game I am missing out on.
- Bridge Crew VR
- Apex
- ANTHEM review
- Call of Duty
- Nintendo RPG
- Beat Sabre Contender

Deal of the week = GAMES Cheap

New Releases - week of 3/4/19

Joystick Show 55A
February 19, 2019 06:14 PM PST
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Th1ng12 I am your Father- BogueSpear : We don't see eye to eye on the Fortnite/Apex SAGA... Show Notes:
- APEX vs Fortnite convo
- Vox Machina rocks or does it?
- Gang Beast review
- More APEX news
- Anthem on its way
- Exclusive 2019 games on Xbox
- Bioshock and Boarderlands 3
- Pok'emon game

Rift Rap: Crackin' the first person shooters

Deal of the week- Switch stuff

New Releases week of 2/24!

Joystick Show 54A
February 06, 2019 05:13 PM PST
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BogueSpear and Th1ng12 have differences in VERTUAL shopping - mini purchases for clothes on players is cool!??? Material World and I am a Material G-amer.

Show Notes:

- Anthem update
- Apex Legends
- Microsoft XBOX 2 update rumor mill
- Apple Streaming Games?!

Rift Rap: Azgards Wrath

Deal of the week: Crackdown FREE on Microsoft store.
New Releases week of 2/17

Joystick Show 53A
January 27, 2019 06:23 PM PST
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BogueSpear and Th1ng12 differ just a TAD on Anthem and oh yeah pretty much everything else! MY BOY! - Father and Son banter continues this week....

Show Notes:

-Pax South Part 2
-Anthem Review of DEMO
-Battletech Gaming
-War Groove
-Red Dead winner along with Smash Bros
-E3 and XBOX
-Farming Simulator

Rift Rap : Arizona Sunrise Price drop and ECHO VR

Deal of the Week : Tabletop Simulator

New Releases week of 2/3/19

Joystick Show 52A
January 22, 2019 07:41 PM PST
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Father losing his mind and son gaining on him ever-so-quickly discuss the video game world from our own perspectives.

Show Notes:

- PAX South San Antonio
- Master of Wills Mobile Gaming
- A way out play
- Dead and Buried game review
- Anthem pre-cheer
- Resident Evil 2
- Dice Throne Game
- Final Assault VR Game

Deal of the week - Target Buy 1 Get 1

New Releases: 1/27 week

Joystick Show 51A
January 17, 2019 09:33 PM PST
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Dad and Son shout from the roof tops to play more games.... see Teens and Father Figures can have Something in common ? Cant they? No??!

Show Notes:
- Fortnite Map maker
- Super Smash Mouth Bros
- Ubisoft, Amazon, and Windows all up to No GOOD??!!

Joystick Show 50A
January 08, 2019 07:03 PM PST
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When Episode numbers are closer to my age than my son...am I to be happy???!!!! Celebrating our 50th Show! Thanks RumblePak!
BogueSpear and Th1ng12

Show Notes:

- Vox Machinea on VR
- Job Simulator on VR
- KeyForge Video Steam Play on TableTop Simulator
- Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix
- RB6 Siege Season 4
- PS4 shippment
- MadBox Console
- @letsveer VeerVR twitter

Deal of the week: newegg.com xbox live

New Releases: week of 1/21 to 1/26/19

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